2018 News

16th March 2018

New beginner's Yoga class in Boxworth on Thursday at 8pm.  Contact us for more information.

16th February 2018
30 minute fast yoga flow sessions are available as well as 30 minute pad blast sessions. Contact us for more information.

1st February 2018

For yoga classes around the Huntingdon and Hardwick/Cambridge areas get in touch. New classes are due to start in Hardwick during the day. 

January 2018

Classes this week:
Monday: Stretch and strength 7:15pm Hardwick

Tuesday: Yoga 8pm Old Hurst

Wednesday: Thai kick boxing - pad fitness 8pm Hardwick

Friday: Thai pad work fitness 6pm Huntingdon

Sunday: Yoga 5:40pm Hardwick

​For more up to date information on classes please follow our facebook page: